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India produces largest number of technical graduates, millions of graduates every year. That is the main reason why fresher preferring an additional degree. More specialization increases the chances of getting selected. At least once in a life time we all got stuck somewhere for making a right decision. Some blindly jump into different career path due to this puzzlement. We wish this blog spread some light in to the idea of attractive career options in GCC

Some Statistics

A study conducted by NASCOM says that 75% of the students passing out from our technical institutions are not employable. These statistics is an eye opener questioning entire education system. How come the students with higher grades are not employable?? The answer we got is our course contents do not focus on areas which actually help in the job industry after employment. This leads to a big Pgap between what market needs and what Indian education equips its future employees with. Even when the new branches of engineering are added the structure remains traditional. This is the scenario faced by a fresher student. This is where he got stuck with so many questions; some face a minor depression during this face. A solution for this dilemma is joining a training institute and adding more specialized skills to your resume. And another important question is which course is more attractive in current scenario??  The answer is MEP. The MEP engineers are going to be future heroes.

What is MEP

Basically MEP is a sector related to building service industry. Every project is a combination of civil & MEP.MEP deals with mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems. Mechanical parts include heating, ventilating and cooling systems often referred to as HVAC. Electrical engineering is the branch of engineering science that specializes in Electrical design, construction and practical use of electrical systems. Electrical system includes lighting, power, Earthing, lightning protection, access control, Telecommunication, Fire alarm, CCTV, and Public address systems. Plumbing part deals with water distribution, drainage system, and sanitary fixtures orientation and design.


Scope Of A MEP Engineer

->Gulf countries are going to witness a boom in building industry. Its not a wild guess. Dubai plans for another building which is going to break the record of Burj Khalifa in height. Again Dubai is the host for World Expo 2020.Qatar hosting world cup in 2022

Since the construction field will never face a recession you will always have a wide range of opportunities either on site as a MEP installer or in design fields

-> Over $107bn in railway projects have been authorized by GCC governments, including a region wide network that will link all six member states together helping to facilitate trade and regional tourism. Within the railway industry and the growth of the railway industry, there’s a lot of scope for MEP.

->MEP engineering is listed as the most payable profession in GCC.


In fact, MEP services converts a building to a healthy ambience, that means ‘ready to occupy’; So MEP engineers are the finishers of the game. And we all know how much we love the finishers in our favorite games. So choose MEP to become a real life finisher. We wish you all success.